Custom clothing and merchandise: How to place order for timely delivery?

Custom clothing and merchandise: How to place order for timely delivery?

We entered into clothng space by serving colleges and schools through our customisable clothing; products such as polo tshirts, hoodies, sports jerseys, kits, tracksuits were the products that we picked. Our business model was around on demand custom clothing.


As we talked to our customers we saw some major gaps that most of the vendors, specially local ones, couldn't addrss. In this blog we will discuss what were the problesm we discovered and how, even today, we address those problems whenever we get any custom merch order.


1) Timely Delivery 

Almost 80-85% customers we have talked and worked with said that their previous vendor delayed their orders. Delivery date was committed for X date but the delivery was made 10 or 15 days late, sometimes as late as 4 months! Ridiculous isn't? 


2) Product specification as per sample

Customers complained about actual order product being different from sample quality that was sent to them. Either the color grade or GSM or print quality varied than what they got in sample.


3) Design needs

Students or startup and corporate teams often do not have a good designer with them to cover fine intricacies of a merch design. For example, sports jerseys have some very fine design elements that a normal jpg or png might not be able to cover in high quality for processing. 


4) Packaging or missing items related issue

 A common issue customers mention is about difference in count. Our orders haven't seen a single counting issue till date. As we follow an SOP driven process, no order article can get left behind as the final packer won't literally pack. Items, however, though do get missing during logistics. Some courier mishappenings do take place, even with us. For that, we follow up with our courier partner and either get the money refunded to customer or re process the order.


To fix above problems we have tried to structure our process via SOPs. Not only the problems get fixed, but also, order are timely processed, dispatched and delivered. 

a) Boosted our manufacturing and supply capacity to levels that can take up urgent demands of even 10,000 tshirts in 3 days!


b) Tied up special air shipping rates with our logistics partner DTDC & Delhivery


c) SOP driven processing to ensure step by step completion of each necessary step


Hope the above description helps you understand our process a bit more and clear your doubts.

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