Exercise is the most underrated hack for healthy and productive living

Exercise is the most underrated hack for healthy and productive living

We are serious! Please don't scoff this thought. We will share our side and then maybe you will agree.


The blog titled - Exercise is the most underrated hack for healthy and productive living, is written for one definite purpose - to make you spend just 15 minutes (to start with) EVERY SINGLE DAY doing some form of physical activity.


For a happy and healthy lifestyle, one doesn't need to pick up Gym's membership or join Pilates or maybe Zumba. Each of these are sureshot ways to shape your body and improve ones fitness quotient. But they aren't the ONLY approach to build fitness. 


15 minutes of ANY form of physical activity, such as walking, running, or simple hand and leg movement, goes a long way into imprving your body vitals which can't be measured directly but does contribute to your overall health and well being. Here are some of them:


1) Mood Uplifting: This can be felt almost immediately. Any exercise leads to body organs increased demand for oxygen. Also, blood flow increases. Overall, the entire body breathes in more oxygen and this leads to mood improvement.


2) Weight Reduction: Exrcise burns calories and extra fats and one can see weight reduction over time.


3) Stress Relief: We all need break from our busy lifestyles. Not getting it can lead to burn out feeling and increased stress. Exercising daily can help you better manage stress and even avoid it to some extent.


4) Enhancing Cardiovacular Health: Improved blood circulation, lower resting heart rate, improved lung capacity are just some of the benefits of exercising.


and there is a long list of few more benefits. 

Club them all and you will see why you should spend atleats 15 minutes a day for long term health and fitness.

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