How to build stamina for LIFE?

One needs stamina not just for running or other fitness activities. Its also needed to face the numerous speed breakers, distractions, and failures encountered in one life.

We might be in awe by hearing stories of people rising from very bottom and making a name. And some of us might wonder how come this was achieved in such a short time by nobody. But, if you get to peek into what went into ones life before he/she became someone, its been years of hard work, hours of pain, and days of uncertainity handling.


But are these people gifted? Did they had someone to hold hands? Did they have some rare talents?

Or did they just had mental stamina to endure this long journey?

While there might be little of everything in the first set of arguments, they surely built the skills of mental stamina.

But how to do that?


A framework from our team that might be a guide to you:

1) Daily exercising

2) Meditation

3) Consistency in practising

4) Spending time with near and dear ones

5) Being optimistic


The list is long. But above are the 5 pillars that we think are needed for ones long run.


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