Shipping is and will always be FREE at SPORTS VILLA

Shipping is and will always be FREE at SPORTS VILLA

Yes! Thats a committment we want to make to you. And hopefully we will be able to keep it.

In the many past years of our existence, we have tried to design our pre and post sale support in a way that customer wants us to do. Exchange of goods for different options withing return period, altering sizes, refunding for faulty products and what not.

What we also felt that customers wanted more transparency in the final amount they pay once they are about to check out. And we have heard stories that didn't seem fair to any customer - extra shipping charges being one of them.

While this step is taken by D2C brands to cover  apart of their operating cost, we felt that this can be adjsuted as being manufacturers, we have tight control on our costing.

After much deliberation, our team has decided to let go of the shipping cost. Be your purchase of just Rs 400 or be it above Rs 5000, your SHIPPING wil stay FREE.

Hope this will add some delight to you and make you less cautious about your budget!


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