Why choose products of SPORTS VILLA?

Why choose products of SPORTS VILLA?

Our founder and team has always believed in doing things with a purpose. Searching for purpose led to exploring of gaps. And when we set out to explore gaps in the fitness & sports industry, we did found a gap.


Clothing industry is nothing less than a chaos. And when it comes to fitness clothing, anyone can find a flood of options in the name of drif-fit, stretchable, comfortable - all standard industry jargons. 


What you won't find, however, is comfort, quality, range and pocket-friendly price for these so called "fitness clothing". In the name of fitness and sports, shopkeepers sell just anything literally!! Products such as sports jersey, and tracksuts either came very cheap with absolute nothing good about the product. And the legacy branded ones where way too pricy. Deep catalogue options was another gap that we found.


So, we thought we have a reason to work on this need of premium but affordable range of clothing. This is how we started.


Its been almost 8 years into building our brand and our thousands of interactions with fitness lovers gave us very deep insights into real needs of our beloved loyal customers.


Our design aesthetic has been to keep things simple but very functional. So, if you buy our mesh jacket for preserving body temperature, it will do just that! If you buy our extremely stretchable drifit jersey for gym or running, the jersey will stand true to your need of being body fit, lightweight and of auto sweat drying capability.


We deliver what we say and if you don't get what you read on our product description,  you can return the product for full refund; we have a very clear no-question asked return policy upto 7 days. 


We are a new-age brand competing with the behemoths. And we know that as underdogs we might not be good at everything. But our DNA is about caring for you and being transparent. And we will continue to build on this plank with your support.


So, explore our products and try us out please. We are hopeful that you would love to see more of us in your wardrobe :)

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